Final Instructions for Runners

GLOUCESTER 10K – 26th JUNE 2022



Start Time and Covid

The race will start at 8.30am.

If you have Covid symptoms please don’t come to the event. These have been traditionally set out as a continuous cough, a high temperature and loss of taste or smell. It appears that with new variants symptoms may include headache, sore throat and runny nose. These symptoms can easily be confused with other common ailments, so if you have any of these symptoms and these are not otherwise officially diagnosed take a Covid test before travelling as we are sure you don’t want to either run with Covid or to risk spreading it.  We are expecting approximately 750 entries and probably 600 to 650 runners. The Park is a big place so if you are worried out about gathering closely with others you are able to spread out. Further, if you are serious about trying to win the race you will have to go to the start line. Otherwise feel free to spread out as your time will only count from the time when you go over the starting mat and finish when you finish the run. Therefore, if you wish to be slightly more spaced for runners at the start of the race this is possible.


You will be able to pick up numbers from the Park from 7.00am on the day. However, we would encourage as many as possible to pick up numbers in advance to reduce queues on the day. Kingsway Parkrun has given permission for us to distribute numbers after the parkrun on the day before the race. Therefore you will have the opportunity to limber up with a gentle parkrun and then collect your numbers. We also anticipate that number pick up will be available from Davies and Partners Solicitors in Barnwood on the Friday and potentially the Thursday before the race. If you have your own safety pins, great. Otherwise we will have safety pins available. You are required to complete the health and safety information on the back of your numbers.


 There will be no parking in The Park nor in Spa Road.  Also, Spa Road will be closed from approximately 8.00am until the last runner has finished at approximately 10.00am. If you live close by, please walk.  Otherwise there are plenty of town centre car parks.

Entry into Park

 There is no other event in the Park this year and you can access the Park from any entrance. The race will start from the normal starting point on the southern side of the Park.

  The Route

 The route is predominantly flat with some gentle inclines.   There are some twists to take in tourist spots.  Be careful of uneven surfaces, drain covers, bollards and potholes.  The course is particularly uneven at the back of The Cathedral.  The Canal Towpath has recently been largely tarmacked then in part covered with small stones/gravel.

 The route is the same as last year which means after going through the Docks runners will turn right and go over Llanthony Bridge and then when returning will turn right at Portivo Lounge then left up the alleyway by Zizzi’s and left again to take them back into the Docks – this is a reversal of 2019.  There may be limited vehicle movements in the docks.  Take care here. 

 Please note on entering College Green there will be a right turn into St Mary’s Square, a sharp left towards Westgate Street, a short run up Westgate Street and then into College Street to give a great view of the restored Cathedral and then a right turn past the Cathedral, out at the back and then up St John’s Lane.  Returning runners will turn right up Commercial Road.

 Parts of the route through The Docks and along the Canal Towpath takes runners close to the water. Please be particularly careful along these parts. The route will be well marshalled, and we do have SARA on the canal itself.  We are not expecting anyone to go into the water, but we have been requested to make you aware that Weil’s disease may be present in the water and if you do fall in you are advised to seek precautionary medical advice.

 The course is especially narrow at the turn from Pitt Street into the Cathedral grounds.  The Canal Towpath is also narrow in places and runners are asked to run in single file on the left side unless overtaking. There are some building works in St John’s Lane so the route is also very narrow here.

 Whilst road closure orders are in place there are one or two crossings of roads which are not officially closed but which will be marshalled.  Please take particular care here.

 Also, you may meet members of the public also at leisure, whether fishing, walking with or without dogs or cycling. This is particularly the case on the Canal Towpath and in The Docks.  Marshals will warn members of the public of your presence but please take care and be polite to non-runners. You don’t have priority and we are running this course by permission – and we don’t wish to lose that permission for future years.

 Secunda Way is not closed but there is a pavement all the way along it which you are asked to run along. It is a wide pavement, but it is again suggested that runners keep to the left allowing room for overtaking on the right.  There are some minor roads which need to be crossed. There will be marshals here.  Please don’t cut into Secunda Way to cross them but stay inside the metal railings to cross the minor road at the crossing points.

 Parts of the incoming route visit parts of the outgoing route in reverse direction. It is essential that you remember to KEEP RIGHT on the out and back sections. There will be marshals reminding you but if in doubt KEEP RIGHT! 

  Water Stations

 There is a water station on the Canal Towpath just by Gloucestershire College. Runners will pass this at approximately 4 and 8k.  You are encouraged to carry your own water. Water at the water stations will be in sealed bottles and you will have to pick it up.  

 We are very conscious of the environment.  We are distributing bottles because we believe that they are easiest for runners to use, but please discard these responsibly.  Make sure they are not discarded such that they may go into the canal and avoid dropping into the path of other runners.  On the outgoing route there will be a designated drop zone on open ground at the back of Llanthony Priory.  If you wish to retain the bottle past that point – and you are encouraged to do so for hydration purposes, please either retain the bottle until you return to the drop zone or discard close to a marshal, but away from the running line.  There will also be water bottles available for those finishing in the Park.  Please either take these bottles home or discard in our designated drop zone.

 First Aid

 We have qualified First Aiders on the course and SARA in the water. If you have a difficulty please talk to a Marshal who will summon assistance.


 The wearing of headphones is not permitted for health and safety reasons save for those types specifically approved by England Athletics.  Those wearing them are at risk of disqualification.

 Prize Giving

 This will take place as soon as possible at some point after 10.00am at the bandstand. If you are gathering please do so in a responsible way. There will be prizes for the first 3 male and first 3 female finishers plus age category prizes and Davies and Partners’ Business Challenge winners. Also, we are introducing team prizes for the first 4 male and first 4 female runners from Club teams. If you have a Virtual award we will hand this out too!   


 We are very grateful to E G Carter for remaining headline sponsors for the fourth year. Also, thank you to Davies and Partners for sponsoring the Business Challenge. Pearce IT are kindly providing the water.

 Goody Bags

 We will still be providing a range of goodies.  There will be no actual bag for environmental reasons.  

 Virtual Race

 Some of you have also entered  this year’s Jay Moulsdale Virtual Gloucester 10k. Please enjoy and have fun!  If you find for some reason that you can’t run in the actual event and you haven’t entered the Virtual we would be prepared to transfer you to the Virtual at no cost. That way you can run your own 10k in your own time and at your own pace in the 2 weeks leading up to the actual 10k (or even afterwards) and you will still be entitled to your goodies!

 This year the Virtual Gloucester 10k is being named after Jay Moulsdale. He will be known to some of you. Jay sadly died of a heart attack very recently. He was ‘Mr Gloucester’ having done an awful lot for the City. He was the driving force behind the Gloucester Round Table Fireworks in the Docks which raised many thousands of pounds for local charities and also did a lot of other charity work. He was also someone that had time for absolutely everyone and really ‘got’ people. He wasn’t a runner but had a great sense of fun. He would really have loved to have dressed up as flamboyantly as possible for the Virtual 10k!

 Charities and Feedback

 This is a community event.  We are delighted that so many of you who are not regular members of the “running circuit” are taking part and we hope you enjoy the day.  We are not making any profit out of the event, all monies raised will be distributed to the Gloucester Food Bank and Great Western Air Ambulance*. Therefore, all marshals and organisers are giving up their time voluntarily.  

 Thank you for being with this event in its 9th year. Please bear with us, it has been extremely challenging to put on an event in a vibrant City and we are all volunteers rather than event professions. If you have any constructive suggestions we would be pleased to hear them as we are always learning and keen to make this event as good as possible.

 Many many thanks for supporting the event – and enjoy!

 Nigel Tillott

Race Director

Davies and Partners Solicitors Limited


*I have been touched by recent events in my life which have brought home to me the value of the Air Ambulance in not only saving and therefore prolonging lives but also sparing the grief of those surrounding those that would otherwise have been lost and have been inspired to run 3 mountain marathons in aid of the Charity. Therefore, if anyone wishes to donate more to this cause or wishes to support my madcap adventures there is a JustGiving page available which can be accessed by the link below