The Virtual 10K

This is all about having some fun with your 10k.  You can run it any where you like between Saturday 11th  June and 4:00 pm on Saturday 25th June.  You don’t even have to run it, you can walk, crawl or do it in whatever way you wish.  You can even do it in segments.  We don’t mind how you do it – just tell us about it.

You can post your experiences on [insert link] including those in the build up to the virtual run.  If you are doing the actual 10k you are also welcome to post your warm up experiences.

This is all about having some fun and getting involved. 

 There will be an award for the fastest male and fastest female and for the fastest time combined with time for the actual 10k but this is not really what the virtual 10k is about.  Anyone can get an award – we will be providing an award for the best landscape in which the 10k is run, the best fancy dress in which it is run and also for the most inspired entry.  This could be a photograph or a story, telling us about your journey to doing the virtual run.

 When you do post your entry please confirm which award category or categories you are entering – or you may just want to up us without seeking an award!

 There will be medals for all participants.  These will be collected for those doing the physical run as well once you have finished that run.  For those just doing the virtual they will be collectable from Davies and Partners Solicitors in Barnwood or we can send them out for an additional cost of £2.50 together with any t-shirts ordered. 

 Turning to the more serious bit – if you are seeking an award for speed we are expecting you to play fair.  We are not expecting you to start your 10k at the top of Cleeve Hill and run down – we may seek confirmation of the detail of your route and a net downhill of more than 25 metres will result in a penalty!

Time to get out and have some fun! 

The Race is open and ready for you all to sign up.

 We will be doing prizes for the best fancy dress and best landscape. Use our socials pages for listing photo’s and times.

Please enter your results for the race on this link here

Here is the link to the Google Sheets with the results on

Your Virtual 10k Photos.

Here are a couple from Nigel, our Race Director


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